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Creampie in Asia presents Joy and Pai

Two Bangkok bar girls get fucked bareback by tourist for double creampie - 6 min

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Joy and Pai are two Bangkok bar girls looking to make a quick dollar. They head back to this Japanese sex tourists hotel room where he undresses both and takes sexy pictures with them on the bed. He moves in for Joy, and starts to kiss her and play with her pussy. Then Pai is next, as he fucks her while playing with her titties.

AT the end of the scene, he bends over Pai and starts to fuck her in the pussy doggie style. He can't control his cum, and she feels him release inside her. He pulls out, but sexy little Joy is right beneath Pai, and the foreigner slides his dick into her to finish the creampie.


Creampie In Asia


Thai Threesome

Creampie Two Thai Bar Girls

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