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Go Go Bar Auditions presents Tittiporn

Large 32 DDD breasted Thai teen is treated to a sexual experience on the massage table - 10 min

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Tittiporn is an amazing young Thai 20 year older with 32 DDD breasts. They are pure perfection, as they don't wobble, and are firm, round with plenty to go around. Tittiporn loves to show them off, so it was no problem for her to remove her top to show off her tits to bar owner Tony. He wants her to work at his club, but he must find out if Tittiporn is a true bar girl. That means, does she dance, does she strip and does she fuck? She does all three, and she does them really well. Watch as Tittiporn becomes a bargirl in Pattaya, Thailand, fucking her way to a new job at the club.

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